"My daughter progressed more with Mark in 3 weeks than she did in a year at another place!  Got that flip-flop she had struggled with and more!  As she continues to strengthen her weak areas she continues to progress.  Her confidence is way up.  Just love that there is an education behind what this coach tells you and he's all about safety.  Thank you!!!!!! ~ Ann (cheer parent)


​Dylan has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Studies from Benedictine University. He played football and baseball in high school and went on to play college football at Benedictine. He gained valuable knowledge for training athletes through his experience as an athlete and by shadowing the strength coach at Benedictine. He has recently completed his 150 internship hours at Precision Sports Training, where he received experience in training and creating programs for people of different ages with different backgrounds and goals.  He is currently pursuing a CSCS certification from the NSCA.  Dylan has a passion for sports and training athletes, but loves working with people of any age and ability who want to better themselves and reach goals they never thought possible. 


​Taylor is a licensed Physical Therapist with an emphasis on orthopedic injury prevention and recovery. He has worked with countless athletes from the amateur to the professional level. He focuses on a whole body approach to correct impairments and compensations that can lead to injury or slow recovery. He implements the use of manual therapy along with sport specific training for improved recovery and function. Taylor has worked at Precision Sports Training for over 1 year.  He currently works at one of the top orthopedic clinics in Northern Illinois.  In his spare time Taylor likes to participate in recreational sports, weight training, and spend time outside and various other hobbies.

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About Precision Sports Training


Brad is a Certified Athletic Trainer with a Bachelor's Degree from University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point 2011. Served in the Army National Guard for 10 Years, 2 deployments to Iraq (OIF, OEF).

Enjoys staying active, biking, weight lifting, softball, boating/water sports, spending time with family, and my 2 dogs jax and peanut. 

Brad has been working with Precision Sports Training, LLC for over 2 years and has trained a variety of athletes and sports.

Cheer and Tennis conditioning

Working with Mark you can:

  1. Perform a functional assessment evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses

  2. Set attainable goals

  3. Ultimate team building boot camps (for sports teams or businesses)

  4. Make custom and affordable training programs of any type

  5. Improve vertical jump, speed, agility, power and strength

  6. Design sport and position specific training regimens

  7. Improve your health

  8. Gain muscle and lose fat 

  9. Improve mental alertness

  10. Video/Jumping gait analysis for athletes

  11. Get certified in CPR, AED and first aid through the American Heart Association.  We are official instructors

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(800) 661-7272


Dave is a certified Sports Specific Trainer through the American Sports and Fitness Association.  He has been working with Precision Sports Training, LLC for over 3 years training volleyball, basketball, cheerleading and baseball teams of all ages.

Dave has also trained women and men of all ages in our bootcamp classes. He enjoys working out, playing golf, softball and doing obstacle courses that mentally and physically pushes you to the max. He was also a two time toughman kickboxing champion.


Errick has been focusing on helping individuals with weight loss, strength, and overall health and mobility for over 8 years. He has taken some time off of full time training to start a family and get settled into his full time career.  He is now back practicing his passion for helping people achieve their goals.  Errick has limited availability but is looking for a number of serious, committed individuals to coach to their fitness, and weight loss goals. 
He is available Monday -Friday 530-630AM and 630-730 AM.  Please call Precision Sports Training to book your sessions today!

Personal Training


​Jordan is a Certified Athletic Trainer with a Bachelors in Education with emphasis in Athletic Training from Northern Illinois University. While at NIU he worked with intercollegiate sports, Batavia, Geneva, Rochelle and DeKalb High Schools. Jordan has worked with OSF Saint Anthony's for the past 5 years working with in-patient, outpatient, high school outreach and sports enhancement. While at OSF Jordan has helped run the Golf Advancement Program working with golfers, ages 12-85; collegiate athletes to the novice player. Jordan was the head athletic trainer at Guilford High School for 2 years and assists with all of the Rockford Public School to this day. He has a vast background in sports medicine as he currently works at one of the top Orthopedic clinics in Northern Illinois. Jordan enjoys staying active and competing in basketball, baseball, softball, golf and skiing. He played intercollegiate baseball at Rock Valley College. He also enjoys running 5Ks and the casual jog with his black lab.

Let Mark help you!

Mark is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  He has 10 years of experience training athletes of all calibers and in a variety of sports.  He completed school at Northern Illinois University with a B.S. in Kinesiology and Biomechanics.  He is an active marathon runner and triathlete.  He also enjoys playing football, basketball, volleyball, softball and basically has tried and loved every sport.  He also won the 2002 light-heavyweight division Rockford Tough man kickboxing contest.

Mark is fascinated by how far you can push the human body and how much it is capable of.  He currently is employed by one of the major orthopedic groups in Northern Illinois and understands the art of injury prevention.

Are you trying to get back from an injury?  Are you just trying to lose some weight and get healthier?  Are you an athlete who would like to take your talent to the next level?